Hiking in Sierra de Guara

This is a list of the best routes that can do in the vicinity of our hotel in Guara, Hotel Santa Maria de Alquezar. In the hotel you will find more information and help from our expert mountain guides of our adventure sports company, Avalancha.

Ruta de lThe walkways or La Fuente ravine route. Alquézar

Duration– 1hour 30 minutes –Grade– Easy

This hiking trail takes around two hours to complete and runs down from the river and along the final section of the Vero canyon up to the bridge of Fuente de Baños.
This delightful walk along the foot of the rock where La Colegiata stands, provides some spectacular views courtesy of the hanging walkways and wooden stairways.

From Alquézar to Asque. Alquézar

Duration– 4hours. – Grade– Easy

This particular route is lined with reminders of how the Vero river has been used by man over the centuries and of the importance of Alquézar as a transport hub since medieval times – there are three historic bridges in the municipality alone. Its deep ravines provide a safe haven for wallcreepers, Griffon vultures, choughs, golden eagles and peregrine falcons. The bearded vulture, the star attraction of the Guara Natural Park, soars majestically in the skies above Alquézar.

Chimiachas route. Alquézar

Duration– 6hours- Grade– Easy

The caves at Quizans feature a wide variety of line drawings, the most prolifi c collection in the whole of El Vero (5000-1500 BC) The final section of the route runs through Chimiachas ravine, home to atiny cave containing a spectacular drawing of a deer, the finest representation of Levantine art (8000-3000 BC) in the Vero River Cultural Park.

Route to Mesón de Sevil

Duration– 6hours. – Grade– Easy

Real Mascun Route

Duration– 7hours. – Grade– Medium

This hike will take us in one of the most spectacular natural sites and the most emblematic of the Sierra de Guara: The precipice of Mascún, characterized by its fantastic rock formations and other items, such as megalithic tomb Losa Mora or Romanesque church of Nasarre.